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Subway Surfers for android - free download

subway-surfers-656545 Subway Surfers games

Today we introduce you to a popular game Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is a multi-platform runner.
This game liked by many users. It has colorful graphics, interesting and easy gameplay.
This runner has millions of fans. Today there are many versions of this game. We give you the chance to download them here. Available version of Subway Surfers android. In the story, Subway Surfers player will have to run away with friends on a skateboard from the bad cop. On the way, you can collect coins, which would be useful to you later. In the game store you will be available single buying and upgrades.

Subway Surfers apk




Here you can see the review of the Subway Surf game. We hope that you will have a good impression.

subway-surfers-323454Here you will find helpful tips for playing .apk version Subway:
1. How to use the skateboard?
- Rapid double tap on the display activates the skate.
- You can use it only once for Subway Surfers - Mobile game.
2. How to gather up a lot of money?
- Get more friends in Game Center.
- Every 50 running's of your friends will give you more coins.

Download Subway Surfers

We offer you a free download some versions of the game Subway Surfers. They are really liked you. You will be able to go with the main characters in Mumbai, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and other cities
around the world.

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